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With the scare tactics used in the media about children’s diabetes and obese kids at school its time we all had some facts about kids nutrition.  Let us first start with a Kids Guide to Exercise.

A guide to Physical Activity for Kids.

How much physical activity is required for a healthy kid? Do kids need more exercise that I do? Here is a summary of just exactly how much you REALLY need!

Physical Activity For Children, according to latest research –  here is how much exercise children need each day:

Children need at least 60 minutes a day.

The majority of this should be aerobic exercises like biking, running or taking walks.

Try to include, jumping a rope, push-ups, sit-ups and chin-ups 3 days a week which will start to help build muscle and bone.

Exercise is fun, have the kids enjoy it by having relay races, playing hopscotch or going for a bike ride!


MODERATE ACTIVITY means that your kids are working hard enough to break a sweat and should still be able to talk.

Activities include walking, water sports, or riding a bike

INTENSE ACTIVITY means you are breathing hard and fast and can only speak a few words without having to take a breath.

Activities include running, bike riding fast or on hills, or playing tennis.

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