12 Fun & Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family


it is one of the most beautiful moments when the doctor says – “You are pregnant”… You spin around with joy and wish you could share this with your partner and family as soon as possible. But hold on. There are some creative ways to announce pregnancy to family and your better half. If you are wondering how then read the article further because this is exactly what I am going to tell you today.

12 Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family

Telling your partner, family and close friends about your pregnancy is certainly going to be a very memorable & happy moment. Yes, of course you could just go to them & tell about it but where is the fun? To make it even more memorable, why not take some efforts? Here are some ways to do it.


When it comes to family, your partner is the top most priority. Keeping this in mind, I have listed this idea first. All you have to do is make some road signs with the help of poster boards, thumbtacks and markers. Find some electric poles and trees, which are on the way from where your husband regularly drives back home from work. Now, announce your pregnancy with signs. Make sure to call your spouse (prior he comes home) & ask him to see those sign boards for an upcoming sale & to take its number for you. This is to ensure that he sees those signs.


This is one of the most creative ways to announce pregnancy to family. During a friends or family gathering, just have everyone come close together for that perfect happy group picture. When you are about to click the button for a snap shot, rather saying ‘Cheese’, just yell out, “I Am Pregnant” and see how they react. And yes, just take the picture of the moment when you say this.


Rather announcing your pregnancy in words, why not get creative here? For this, buy a nice photo frame & have it custom-made with your delivery date, followed by month & year. Also add a nice poem and few pictures of your pregnancy test. Once you deliver your baby, send pictures of your baby to your family members so that they can replace it.


This is one of the best baby announcement ideas. Do this if you live far from your family and often keep in touch electronically. Send emails to your closed ones saying that you are pregnant. Also, attach few of your sonogram pictures. You could even visit a good e-card website to create that amazing “We-Are-Expecting” card. Once done, you can send it to the entire group.


These days online websites to announce pregnancies are in great demand. If you or your partner is good at technology, consider creating a surprise website for announcing pregnancy. Once it is done, just tell your friends and family that you have found a new cool website on the internet. Don’t forget to write it on website saying that “_____ IS PREGNANT”. Also, add a scanned sonogram picture

A Family Tree

Though there are many birth announcement ideas, a family tree can’t be missed. In fact, updating your family tree with a new addition is one of the most fun ways to tell your family that you are carrying a baby. There are lots of sources wherein you can download or buy a family tree. Leave the space under yours & your partner’s name blank. Or even better, write down your delivery date using a pencil.


T-shirts are one of the fun ways to announce pregnancy to family. It is especially great for closed ones like grandpa, grandma, uncle and aunt-to-be. This concept is perfect to do when you are all together like a family vacation or during Christmas. Wrap gift nice t-shirts, which say “PROUD GRANDMA” or “PROUD UNCLE”. Please have your camera ready when they open their gift.


This is another fun way to announce your pregnancy to your family. If you regularly play games with your family or on get-together, consider switching one of those game pieces for announcing about your pregnancy. Say for instance, tape a note over Monopoly’s Community Chest Cards that reads, “Amanda is carrying a baby, give $20 to every player”.


As the saying goes – “The Way To A Man’s Heart Is By Food”. You are going to apply the same here. Wrap your pregnancy test (positive) like a gift. Give it your partner during his dinner. If your husband is someone, who prefers eating out, then take to him to his favorite restaurant while you do few things in advance. Request the staff or server to bring the present you have wrapped up once you are done with the dinner. Once your hubby opens and sees it, he is sure going to jump with joy. If you feel your husband prefers a more cherished setting, consider cooking his favorite dish. And have the table neatly decorated.


Now, why not remake how your spouse proposed you for marriage. But here, you got to propose fatherhood. Just take him to the same place where he proposed you. Rather that ring box, give him a nice bracelet with the pregnancy test inside a box and ask him – “Will you be a dad?”


Wake up early in the morning, probably the day where you want to tell everyone or probably your spouse in particular that you are pregnant. Place some cinnamon buns inside the oven to bake. If you cannot do it from scratch, consider the pre-prepared ones from a store. When your spouse wakes up & smells this irresistible aroma – immediately announce him that, “Darling, we have got a cute little bun in the oven”.


Is your husband fond of sweets and bakes? If yes, then there is a nice way to tell your pregnancy.Cater his carvings with a very special message. Swap out that fortune cookie note and replace it with your message, saying, “You will be a dad on so-and-so date”. Just watch his happy reaction – tears rolling out of eyes with joy.

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