How To Recognize Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms?


If left untreated, a tubal pregnancy can be life threatening. Many people are not sure what are the tubal pregnancy symptoms so please allow me to explain. A tubal pregnancy, also known as an ectopic pregnancy, occurs when the fertilized eggs get implanted inside the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. It’s not uncommon for sperm to fertilize an egg while still in the fallopian tube. However, the egg should continue to make its way to the uterus where it will implant into the wall of the uterine.

tubal pregnancy symptoms It is said that about 2 out of every 100 pregnancies will be a tubal pregnancy. Most of the time there is no clear explanation of why this happens. However, there are things that make a tubal pregnancy more likely. Some of these things include a previous experience with PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), an abdominal surgery, having tubal ligation or having tubal ligation reversal. Your age can also increase your chance of having a tubal pregnancy. Women who are between the ages of 35 and 44 have a higher risk and it is critical that they are well aware of tubal pregnancy symptoms.

As I stated before, tubal pregnancies are very dangerous and can be life threatening. Rarely do they make it to term. Usually, the embryo will develop and it will become too large for the fallopian tube. If it continues to grow, the fallopian tube could rupture. This will cause severe internal bleeding which could result in the death of the mother if not treated. Because of this, it is highly recommended that an ectopic pregnancy be terminated.

Early symptoms of a tubal pregnancy are sometimes very easy to miss. For the most part, you will go through the process of a normal pregnancy. But there are some signs such as pain or cramping in the pelvis or lower abdomen that should be checked out immediately. If you have vaginal bleeding this might also be another sign a tubal pregnancy occurring. Another sign is feeling pain in just one side of the abdomen. Again, this is very serious. So if any of the symptoms occur, proceed to see your doctor ASAP.

If the tube happens to rupture, things can get very serious very fast. This is a medical emergency that must be treated. Most women make it to the hospital in time before things get too bad. 9% of all pregnancy related deaths in the United States are due to undetected tubal pregnancy symptoms which resulted in tubal pregnancies. So learn the signs and make sure you go to the hospital if you have any of them.

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