How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy- Facts You Need To Know


Hey – I’m not about to fill your head with scary pregnancy facts that might cloud what is one of the most wonderful experiences in the lives of so many women.Hey – I’m not about to fill your head with scary pregnancy facts that might cloud what is one of the most wonderful experiences in the lives of so many women.
Obviously, there can be the fear of the unknown especially if it’s your first time being pregnant  but the excitement of meeting a little baby who will be the most wonderful and important individual you’ve ever seen in your life to date (including your partner!) is bound to outweigh any forebodings you may have.
On this website, all I want to do is present some important pregnancy facts and figures that are intended to put you at ease but also to act as gentle warnings maybe – definitely not to make you worried or apprehensive.When you’ve got the facts and had time to think about them, I’m sure you’ll get into an easy routine of doing what’s best for your baby and avoiding thing which may not be so good.
Staying Healthy During Pregnancy: Facts About Perils In Your Own Home
You can get our Free Report on how to avoid many of the perils which possibly could damage both you and your unborn Baby’s health during pregnancy by simply filling in the form.I ‘m not a qualified medic, but I have good science degree and I’m able to assess research data competently so there’s little doubt in my mind that the findings definitely come down very heavily against smoking.But, on this subject, it may not be so obvious that you don’t have to be a smoker yourself to have health problems with cigarette smoke! Passive smoking can as bad or even worse perhaps for both of you.The perils of smoking are probably the most potentially dangerous of the all pregnancy facts that I know of! Therefore, although it may be one of the most unwelcome pregnancy facts for smokers, it is genuinely just so important that you really should give up before you even become pregnant, assuming that the event was planned!         Please Send My FREE Report on How to Protect My Unborn Baby from the  Hazards of the Modern World  First Name
Email We guarantee that your details are completely SAFE with us! Click Here For Your Free ReportOK, I know how difficult it is – I had all the hard times myself but in the end I finally kicked the habit. But I’m sure it would havebeen so much easier for me to bear all the ‘hardship’ if we’d been planning on starting a family at the time because I would have had our baby’s wellbeing right in the forefront  of my mind.
Sorry, I know I’ve gone on a bit so let’s move on to some pregnancy facts that should be easier to cope with!
How does taking some nice periods of rest and avoiding stress sound? Sounds pretty good to me, but quitting smoking can be stressful so the sooner you start the better! Then you can enjoy lots of lovely stress-free rest!
One important aspect that I really enjoyed was eating plenty of yummy high fibre foods including lots of vegetables and fruits and taking low-fat milk, yogurt and other dairy foods in sufficient quantities to keep calcium levels good without over-doing it.
A real problem with pregnancy facts and figures is that they are often mixed up with lots of old wives tales such as the old saying “you’re eating for two now”.This is seriously bad advice nowadays when many of us (me included) are already doing our best to eat for others anyway without being able to use pregnancy as an excuse!     In my opinion one of the most important pregnancy facts is that over-eating is not only bad for you, it’s also potentially bad for your baby in the longer term.Recent research published only a few months ago (January 2011) has shown that being overweight during pregnancy can lead to changes in the unborn baby’s DNA which could result in the child being much more likely to become obese in later life.
From my personal point of view, one of the most potentially disappointing pregnancy facts I’ve discovered relates to the consumption of alcohol.Although the figures aren’t as clear cut as they are with smoking and over-eating, the general weight of medical opinion is that it is safest to avoid drinking alcohol altogether during pregnancy, which would have been serious disappointment to me personally had this been the recommendation when we were ‘building’ our family of three.
I’ve never been a heavy drinker and I genuinely thought that a modest tipple was not only a nice treat but also couldn’t possibly do any harm. This view is probably true in the vast majority of cases but the problem is that it is not our ability to tolerate alcohol that’s the issue, it’s what effect it could have our unborn baby that we have to be wary of.
As I said at the beginning, it’s not my intention to alarm anyone unnecessarily and I readily acknowledge that the problem with pregnancy facts and figures is that some of them may lead to recommendations that only apply to a small percentage of mothers-to-be.What I am trying to do on this website is the present the facts relating to pregnancy as accurately as I can so that you can form your own opinions and obtain medical advice which is based on an assessment of your own personal physical and mental circumstances and history. But to help you ask your doctor the ‘right’ questions, please grab our Free Report on a how to avoid the threats that ‘innocent’ everyday stuff (such as cosmetics and even cooking utensils) can present  to your unborn baby and you.
Some of the pregnancy facts and figures that I’ve uncovered during my research surprised me greatly despite the fact that my whole career has been in the chemical and biochemical industries.
Despite my lack of knowledge when we were planning for a family, two of my three children were absolutely fine but knowing what I know now, I occasionally wonder if the problems our first-born had for the first two weeks of his life could have been avoided.We’ll never know, but it was a worrying time which maybe could have been prevented if I’d been armed with the right pregnancy facts!

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