Soothe Teething Symptoms: Welcoming Your Baby’s Precious Tooth


It is the most exciting period of parenthood to see the tiny teeth showing up for your little one. Understanding various stages of its growth and then finally a full white smile. Yes, it is so amazing to experience the teething days of your little one. But at the same time, the teething symptoms and pain are a bit tricky for a parent to deal with it.

As a parent, how do you figure out your baby is teething? It is easy, but it requires a lot of patience and attention to figure out.

Common Symptoms of Teething

Common Symptoms of Teething

There are many prompt symptoms you can figure out the teething has started for the baby, and a few are as follows:

  • a rise in the baby’s body temperature.
  • drooling all the time
  • the tendency to bite and chew whatever he gets in hand
  • waking at the middle of the night and showing tantrums
  • also, body rashes and loose stools

From the above symptoms, you can make out your kid’s teething is started, and the level of pain associated with it. Now, let’s find out what are the ways to soothe the pain of teething.

General Soothing Methods

There are multiple ways you can try to soothe your baby’s teething pain. It is safe to adhere to the natural soothing tips than directly going for medical care. Here are a few prominent tips you can try:

  • breastfeeding is one of the best ways to soothe the pain
  • giving teeth soothers depending on the baby’s age
  • if the baby is big enough to have solids, give solids which will not choke him
  • rub the baby’s gums
  • consult a paediatrician for pain relievers or topical medications if the pain is beyond manageable for baby

The tips are general, and the ways to implement the tips depend on the parent and the child’s interest in adhering to each advice. To make you clearer; choose your comfortable position of latching while breastfeeding, select baby’s favorited soother flavours or types, give the kind of solids baby like, if the baby enjoys massage and if it provides good relief, go for it.

Choose Apt Soothing Technique

The age of the baby is a significant factor when you consider soothing techniques. If your child is tiny and about 3-6 months, appropriate procedures can be applied. There are many exciting ways of using the above tricks. You can make a teething necklace, give a chilled spoon, face massage, allow them to chew a toothbrush or teething biscuits. If nothing available, you can give your finger to soothe his pain.

Every stage of childhood is exciting and experimental. Each child is unique, and each parenting style is incomparable. Choose your style, which suits you and the child. Try various fun ideas to make it exciting. Let it be teething, crawling, or running. Every stage is unique and makes the best memory of life.

And please don’t forget to tell the tooth fairy story at bedtime. One day you will have enjoyable teething days recorded in your memory book.

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