Finding a Great Nursery for Your Child


No matter where in the world you live, you will want to make sure that there is a reputable and high-quality nursery near your home to help with taking care of and raising your child while you are at work. For many parents, finding a nursery that will meet all of the child’s emotional, social, and physical needs can be very challenging, especially if the child is below school age. It’s important when researching nurseries for your child to make sure that it will be a good fit for him or her as well as for the parents. Close proximity to home or work, educated and experienced staff, and a safe space for children to learn and play are all important.

Children Are Individuals

While parents may sometimes like to think that their children could be happy at any nursery they go to, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Children, just as adults, are individual and will have varying needs from their peers. Small class sizes are important so that education and experiences can be differentiated for each child. In addition, a teacher-to-child ratio that is low to enough to offer individual attention on a daily basis is incredibly important because while learning to work in a group is imperative for social skills and growth, individual support is just as necessary.

Check the Age Groups

If you are researching British nurseries in Dubai, then you will likely find that different nurseries have different class sizes and age groups that they allow. What’s appropriate developmentally for a toddler or baby will not be developmentally appropriate for an older child. Not only will the curriculum be incredibly different but the social interactions and expectations will change as the children grow. It’s important to visit the classroom where your child will be placed and make sure that the children are given appropriate expectations for their age and ability.


It takes a special person to want to work with young children and to have the patience to help them grow, especially emotionally and socially. Qualified staff will be professional and have backgrounds in early childhood education. While not all nurseries will require their teachers to have studied early childhood education, the staff that has this background will be better able to create environments that are stimulating and educational without being overwhelming. They will understand the value of play and how to integrate learning into everyday activities as well as be able to use different teaching techniques to guide children in their learning.


Another important consideration when choosing a nursery for your child is the curriculum that will be used to teach the children. Each child is unique and will have a different style of learning so it’s necessary that the curriculum include activities and instruction for children of all abilities. While some kids in the nursery may excel at verbal learning, others may need to see the material or even to act it out to gain a good understanding. Without addressing all of the senses in learning, children will often struggle with absorbing information.

A good curriculum will be age-appropriate, offer a number of hands-on activities for learning, and move at a healthy pace for the children. It needs to be interesting enough to keep children focused on learning as well as give them ample opportunities to apply their knowledge. It is through doing and playing that children learn and a curriculum that focuses on learning through play will help children succeed.


The environment of the nursery will play a huge role not only in the actions of your child but also in how he or she feels going to the nursery and leaving it to come home. Children like to be challenged and will push to reach goals but those goals have to be attainable or the child will simply become frustrated. Each child will be at a different spot in his or her development so goals should be tailored individually. An environment that is safe, challenging, and engaging will help all children learn.

Take a Tour

The best way to get a feel for the nursery that you’re considering for your child is to take a tour of the facility. There you will be able to meet the staff, ask them questions about their qualifications and teaching experience, and see how the children at the nursery interact with each other and their environment. When on a tour, it’s important to see the curriculum that will be used and ask about how staff deal with issues with the children. Toys and equipment that are safe and age appropriate as well as plenty of books and art materials should all be present.

Finding a Nursery

While there is no perfect nursery, you can work hard to make sure that you put your child in the nursery that will best meet his or her needs. Asking for recommendations from friends and family members is a great place to start but if you don’t know anyone with children close in age to your child, then you may have to look elsewhere for recommendations. Your child’s doctor is a great resource as is going online to look for reviews about different nurseries. Online, you will be able to find both positive and negative reviews, which will allow you to make an informed decision.

Picking the nursery that best meets the needs of your child is important and is a decision that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. While you may feel pushed to choose a nursery quickly, the best way to set your child up for success and to make sure that he or she is happy and taken care of is to take your time, research different nurseries, and set up appointments to go visit them. Take your child with you on your visit and observe how the staff interacts with him or her while you are touring. You will be able to get a good feel of the nursery by how your child acts and how the staff treats you.

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