Stretching After Kids Exercise


Stretching is important both for adults’ and kids’ exercise. When you stretch after a workout, your muscles are less likely to feel sore later. You’re also less likely to experience an injury in the future.

Kids’ exercise is not as strenuous as adult exercise, but stretching is still essential. In some ways, it is even more important for kids to stretch. After all, their muscles aren’t fully developed and can be strained easier.

The best time to stretch is right after you exercise. At that time, the muscles are warm and loose, which makes it easier to stretch. While stretching, focus on each muscle group and hold stretches for about 20 seconds. It should take about 10 minutes to stretch the entire body.

Make sure your kids don’t bounce while they stretch. Bouncing doesn’t stretch the muscles properly and instead it can cause more pain. Teach them to hold each stretch without moving.

Kids can benefit from stretching in other ways than those just listed above. It can also help children develop flexibility, a range of motion and balance. In addition, stretching is a good shift for the body between exercise time and down time.

Organized sports really help teach kids the proper way to exercise. After every game and practice, coaches have all their players stretch together before going home. But parents shouldn’t just trust the coaches to teach about stretching. Parents must be involved in making sure their kids stretch after every physical activity.

When kids don’t stretch after exercise, their tendency is to just sit down to rest. But kids must learn the value of stretching and get in the habit of doing it. Kids exercise is important and a lot of fun, but don’t forget that stretching is just as necessary to be healthy.

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