Why Does My Baby Spit Up So Much?


Spitting up is also known as re flux. Almost half the number of babies spit up frequently. Four months is the peak age for babies who are spitting up. Mothers are usually so worried on – why does my baby spit up so much? The baby spits when the baby swallows some air while the mother is feeding them breast milk or formula milk. The ingested air has to be taken out from their stomach so the body reacts in this way. Some liquid comes up to their mouth, while sometimes the spit also comes out on their nose.
The babies need a lot of food for nourishment in terms of their size while some of them just love to eat some food. Oftentimes, the mother have to feed the babies because the baby loves to eat, while missing the fact that they can already be overfed.

This sometimes leads to the baby spitting up. Since they are newborns, their overall body function including their digestive system is not yet fully developed. The muscle that is located on the baby’s esophagus which is responsible for controlling when the food is coming and going may still be adjusting to the speed of food that is coming in and out. This is one of the reasons why baby the babies keep on spitting up.

What Are The Different Interventions That Mothers Can Do?

Why Does My Baby Spit Up So Much
To be able to prevent your baby from spitting up too much then you can start with the ways on how you feed your baby.

Upright Feeding

When feeding the baby, it is important to hold the baby in an almost upright position to prevent them from choking and spitting up. Feeding the baby while they are curled up in their arms or seating in a chair is an incorrect way of feeding the babies because it may not give a clearer path to the stomach.

Calm Feedings

Do not ever feed a baby who is crying and a baby who can easily be distracted from toys, noise, colors or some other things on his or her environment. Keep them calm while you are feeding them. Also, do not just feed the baby when they are too hungry, it is important to feed the babies every 2-3 hours or when the baby needs to be fed. Once the baby is being distracted while they are being fed, this may cause the milk to be spilled out from his mouth or he might suffer from choking due to the presence of liquid in an awkward position.

Proper Way For Pumped Breast Milk Feeding

It is strongly recommended to feed the baby with breast milk from infant to 2 years of age. However, if in such cases the breast milk is not accessible then that is the only time that you will have to feed the baby with a formula or pumped breast milk. Put the milk on a bottle and be certain that the hole of the nipple is not too small or not too large. If it is too small then the baby might have some hard time to swallow the food and may even ingest air. On the other hand, if the nipple’s hole is too large then it is possible that the baby can ingest too much milk or air and may result to gagging or gulping because the milk can be taken at a shorter period of time than usual.

Always Burp The Baby

After feeding the baby through breast milk or through bottle, it is essential to burp the baby. Since it is normal that babies takes some pause while they are being fed, then mothers can take advantage of this opportunity to burp the baby before giving some additional food. By doing such method every time you feed the baby, then you are decreasing the opportunity for babies to choke or to spit up so much. This is also a good way to feed the baby with more milk while eliminating some air on the baby’s tummy. Mothers need not to worry if the baby did not burp when you did the method that was stated. But whenever you have some opportunity, then do not hesitate to perform the process to eliminate the air on the baby’s tummy.

Don’t Put Some Pressure On His Stomach

It is important that the baby is comfortable while they are being fed. Mothers should always be sure that the baby’s clothes, diaper or your arms are not too tight while you are holding the baby. Do not ever put the baby’s stomach on your shoulder when you are burping the baby so as not to make the baby spit the food that he or she has just previously ingested. It is also essential to avoid going for a car trip just after the time that the mother has fed the baby because when the mother is sitting on a reclined car seat some pressure can also be felt on the baby’s side. Hence, this may again result to too much spitting.

Keep The Baby Upright After Feeding

While feeding, it is important to keep the baby on the upright position, this situation should also be observed after feeding the baby to prevent him from spitting up the food that he or she has just consumed. Put the baby into an upright position for at least half an hour. In such positions, the gravity can help in putting the baby’s food carefully on his stomach and be digested on his tummy for quite some time. Carrying the baby properly, putting the baby in a pack or supporting the baby next to some pillows may help if the baby is already big.

Do Not Feed The Baby With Too Much Milk

If the baby has been spitting up every time you feed with breast milk, then this is already a sign then you have been feeding him or her too much. You can eliminate formula feeding and just stick to breast milk feeding to solve such solution. Breast feeding the baby for a shorter period of time as compared to the usual time that the mother has been feeding the baby may also be helpful. Also, try to adjust the baby’s feeding to small frequent feedings only so as to help the baby’s stomach digest the food first before having another set of food.

IF the babies spit up it is a common symptom. But it is still important to prevent many occurrences to avoid any complications. It is necessary to ensure that as a parent, you have to notice the symptoms of any illness or pain for your loved one and provide him/her with a happy healthy environment.

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