Five Essential Tips on How Not to Lose Your Valuables


Losing a valuable thing such as your car key, your wallet, your phone or worse your wedding ring is a troublesome experience. You could spend hours running around in your home or office, digging into every pocket in your laundry clothes just to look for them and still fail. Most of the times, we are so preoccupied with many things because we tend to multi-task everything, our brain sometimes cannot process all that multi-tasking and the result, we forget things. In this article, you’ll find five essential tips on how not to lose your valuables any time of the day:

Have a Specific Place For Everything

You might find this simple, but this is shockingly effective. Go for a walk around your house and find a perfect spot that you could place your valuables every time you go back home from work. You can create a small box or buy a small basket, categorized them by making a separate box for all your keys from your wallet or jewelry so it will become more comfortable for you. Make sure though that you make a habit of using those boxes, so you know where to look for them when you need them.

Keep Your House or Office Neat and Clean at All Times

The perfect environment to lose your valuable things is when you have too much junk and useless things all over your house. Keeping your home neat and clean at all times will help you reduce of losing things so start to cleaning up at least two to three times a week. A clutter-free environment will not only help you to prevent any loses, but also provide you with a relaxing ambiance as well.

Develop an Emergency Backup Plan

Even if we are careful in our belongings, there will always come a time that we accidentally left our valuable things such as your bags and keys inside your car or your house. Whenever you got locked out, it is always wise to have a backup plan on how you will be able to get your things back. Look for Emergency locksmith Houston services near your area and have them take care of retrieving your keys and belongings for you.

Plan Everything Ahead

You oftentimes experience waking up late in the morning, and you tend to rush things because you’re going to be late for work, most likely you will forget something important with these kinds of times. It is always wise to do your stuff ahead of time. Packing and preparing your things before going to bed will give you a lower chance of forgetting important stuff.

Think Smart, Always Double Check

Wherever you go and whatever you do, always make sure to double check your stuff to avoid forgetting or losing them. Always keep in your mind all the essential stuff that needs to be with you and always check them in your bag or pocket from time to time.


We are not perfect, but we can lessen or avoid losing our valuable stuff only if we become more careful with our actions. Following these essential tips will surely help you in keeping yourself from losing your valuable things.

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