Things You Need to Remember About Taking Care of New Born Baby: Early Parenting Tips


The first two or three weeks for the new born baby are very crucial. It requires immediate and special care. There are certain tips which you must remember during the first few days of new born baby. As a parent, you must prioritize the caring of the baby above all. Some extra care these days from parents are truly significant, especially from the mother. Here are the few tips you must follow, especially for the first few days of the new born bay.

  1. Make sure the baby is in warmth

Just after the birth, it is very much important to make sure that the baby is in warmth. You must dry him or her, cloth him/her and cover from top to bottom. Keep the baby always near to the mother, near to her chest or abdomen. Use blankets for covering mother & child together.

  1. Newborn should breathe properly

After immediate birth, you need to be vigilant about the breathing of the child. Also, clear the mucous and the amniotic fluid from kid’s nose and mouth.

  1. Keep checking Baby’s Heart beats

To make sure the baby’s health, you should keep checking the heartbeats just like a doctor always checks just post the birth. It is supposed to be 100 BPM for usual new born baby’s heartbeat. If the numbers are away from that, the child must need some medical observation. You can easily check the heartbeats, even don’t need stethoscope.

  1. Breastfeeding is important

The only food or intake the baby should go for is mother’s milk. That’s very much important for the overall growth of the baby, especially at that stage. So breastfeeding is very much important. Also, baby should be breastfeeded when he/she feeling comfortable and breathing properly. You must not force him/her for breastfeeding. If he/she has some breathing problem or respiratory issue, breastfeeding at that time is not a good idea. There is a need for medical care, first.

  1. Cleaning the Umblical Cord

Umblical cord is through which mother and child is attached and that’s what got cut at the time of delivery. It is important to keep sterilizing that part post few days of birth. The part required to be sterilized, cleaned and dried regularly. You must clean it with alcohol to save it from any kind of bacterial problem or infections.

  1. You Need to have patient

Might seem preaching but your patient is the key towards the excellent care of your new born baby. It can be lot tiring and so much stress, obliviously for good reasons as you care so much and it is the very sensitive time as well. So there is already too much pressure but you must not lose your calm. Just feel the love for your baby and try to go with the flow, be patient and passive with the situations.

  1. Be Excited, Feel Special

You must embrace the feeling of being a new parent and enjoy his/her presence. Cherish those moments, capture it and make it memorable. You must realise that it is not coming back again, so you must cherish it. Shop for him/her, buy some comfortable and great quality clothes for babies, and try specialised online stores like Toby Tiger or other such brands. Don’t compromise on your baby’s comfort and requirements.

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