Many wonder is perfection actually exists, I say that perfection exists only in imperfection. Human kind was made with many fallacies but they are still considered the higher thinking mammals. We are the highest form of predators on this world and we are completely imperfect.

So perfection is actually imperfection, meaning everyone has a different definition as to what they consider perfect because it is very possible that something that is perfect to them is imperfect to someone else.

So why this philosophy shouldn’t be applied to every aspect of our lives, for example the hunt for a prom dress is something to be considered. Every person is unique and so are their choices. They make decisions based on who they are and not what everyone else thinks and that is the way the world should always work. This is the right way. Be who you are and not what everyone else thinks you are. To help with this line of thinking the following are a few tips and tricks for finding the perfect dress for prom night.


  1. COLOUR CODE: It’s important to know that the theme of the prom is so that you can choose a particular colour for your future dress accordingly. This colour should match your skin tone, your personality as well as the theme of prom. It is not necessary one colour but could be a combination of colours or even a contrast of them.
  2. STYLE AND CUT: This is the next step in finding the perfect dress. Decide what style and cut suit your body shape. It could be an illusion cut, a ball gown, a long flowing dress, short, knee length dress or even the two piece prom dresses which have become so famous in recent years.
  3. DESIGN: This step is directly correlated to the previous step. Once you have decided on the cut it’s on to the fun part of deciding a dress where you can let your creative juices flow and figure out what kind of designs you want on your dress. It could be glitzy and glimmer, shiny, sequenced, tulle covered, ribbon or lace covered and so many more other options that you can consider.
  4. JEWELLERY: Jewellery is an important factor when considering a dress for prom because if the jewellery is too much or too little in comparison to the dress then the whole look will be completely thrown off. So you need to make sure that you are 1000% sure on your dress before going on the hunt for jewellery and figuring out what best fits you.
  5. MAKEUP AND SHOES: The last step in the perfect dress tricks is making sure your makeup is on pointe and your shoes are comfortable yet classy. Your eye-shade colours and your shoe colours should either match or contrast. My advice is let them match since it’s the safest bet to look your best but if you feel a little risky then go ahead and place your bets.

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