What Parents Need to Know about Finding the Right Child Psychologist


The field of psychology for children is just one of the tenets of psychology and one of the more popular areas of study. It is frequently referred to as developmental psychology as it caters to children throughout their advancement years from the prenatal phase to their teenage years.

Child psychology not just focuses on how the kid grows physically but also mentally, psychologically, and socially. However, what do you do if you feel that your kid is having difficulties and problems in any of these areas? What do you do?

Mental resources and services are readily available however depending upon the seriousness of their problems, discovering a kid psychologist might be your only alternative. These experts are well-read and knowledgeable in the field of child psychology to handle precisely what your issues are with your son or daughter.

How to choose the right psychologist for your child?

There are some factors that one needs to consider to find a child psychologist in Sydney that is most suitable for your case. The latter must not only be knowledgeable in the field of child psychology while successfully dealing with and treating the concerns the kid is having.

Consider the following:

The reasons for getting your kid into treatment

Was it a school-related issue or has the child experience some injury? You will also wish to determine which parenting strategy is going to be best based on the situation

Having the financial means to manage your child’s treatment

Occupational therapy for children can be exceptionally expensive ranging between $150 and $200 per treatment session.

Some alternative sources for more affordable treatment include utilising community healthcare that is free, low cost, or no charge to you in addition to healthcare insurance benefits and school district counselling resources.

Study the various kinds of therapy alternatives

Think about discussing your child’s problems with family, friends, the child’s pediatrician, and their school to see if they can suggest a great child psychologist. Make a list of these experts and after that call them to get a concept of their schedule along with what they charge.

Contact your healthcare insurance

If you can utilise the medical advantages offered by your insurance coverage provider, you might be able to save much money in the process.

Remember that most of the times, they will only cover these expenses once a condition has been diagnosed. If your child’s health is not psychological or medical, healthcare insurance will not cover the cost of appointments and medications.

Finally, when you are speaking with different therapists make it a point to raise the following questions:

  • Do they use play treatments?
  • Do they work with parents as well?
  • How does the psychologist handle client confidentiality?
  • What can they teach you about managing the situation at home?

Parents have the right to make sure that their child gets all the help that he or she needs. Occupational therapy is no exception, and you are bound to find the right one if you keep the factors mentioned above on top of mind.

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