Tips on Scheduling Cooking into Your Busy Life


Wellness begins in the Kitchen. The irony of the situation; we tend to start ignoring our kitchen the first thing when our schedules start being hectic. Whether you are on a diet for weight loss or you are dealing with an acute or a chronic disease, the perfect remedy starts from your kitchen. Even the most qualified and experienced doctor cannot make any improvement in your health condition unless you are consuming the right food. And, packaged or restaurant foods can never be an option for the right food.

If you want to consume the right food for your body, you’ll need to start cooking it yourself. We know cooking seems an impossible task when your days are over-burdened with office and other responsibilities. So, here we are giving you some tips to make cooking a part of your daily routine without getting overwhelmed.

Plan ahead – It is ridiculous but cooking takes less time than deciding what to cook. When you are already tired planning a dinner seems a daunting task. So, when you are scheduling your day and the important things to be done over the day make schedules for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. If you like to plan your week rather than day, you can plan your weekly food list too.

Organize your grocery list – Leave the bad habit of running to the store for grocery as and when required. This makes cooking a really tough job. When you plan your foods to be cooked you already know the ingredients you need; just note them on your grocery shopping list. You can even make one long list of things you require in your kitchen. You can use this list as your monthly grocery shopping list. You’ll then only be left with fruits, vegetables, milk and such perishable item to be bought every other day.

Do more when you feel free – Today we all have refrigerators in our home so you can easily do more when you are little free and create a contingency reserve for the time you are busier. Generally, you’ll find yourself relaxed during the evenings because you don’t have to rush to the office (if you don’t work night shift). When you are cutting vegetables or making a salad for the dinner you can cut little extra for the next day’s breakfast and lunch. Remember to store these in the refrigerator after placing them in an airtight container.

Organize your kitchen in a systematic manner – If you have the habit of keeping anything anywhere, you’ll certainly take ages for cooking a simple dinner. Organize your kitchen in a systematic manner where everything has a certain place and you have logic for choosing that place. The more frequently used items should be placed in easily accessible central location. Organizing your kitchen once will not do any good if you don’t develop the habit of keeping items back to where they belonged to.

Have buffer stocks of frozen foods – Obviously, this is not expected when we are talking about preparing healthy foods at home. But, let us accept; things may sometimes get out of the track. You don’t want to go hungry if you don’t really get the time to cook proper dinner someday. You can use these frozen foods to fill your stomach. But, remember this is only for the emergency case; don’t make it a habit of eating frozen food twice or thrice a week. The preservatives in the frozen meals are not good for your health or weight. You can visit the page to get some more information on food and their effects on weight management.

Learn some quick recipes – Traditional cooking takes more time than we actually have today. Take help of YouTube or websites dedicated to cooking to learn quick recipes. You’ll be amazed to see how tasteful dinner can be made without going the traditional way of cooking. After learning a couple of quick recipes you’ll start coming up with some quick tips on your own. If anything like that occurs to your mind don’t hesitate in experimenting.

Make your kitchen user-friendly – You cannot get works done too fast if you only have a gas stove. Invest in convenient items like a microwave oven, induction stove, toaster, blender etc. By having these type of kitchen related equipment you can become more efficient and fast in your work. You can mix and match the equipment to get your cooking done at a double rate.

Do you still think you cannot spare time to cook for yourself?

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