The Kindergarten Dilemma


There comes a time when your young child needs to interact with something else different than home. This should happen anytime between the ages of three and six or seven. It depends on the local custom. Kindergarten is a transitional stage between home and a more formal schooling and there are countries where this is compulsory. Be it a state kindergarten or a private one (as kindergartens can be a real business), there always is this dilemma connected to it. It involves a kind of separation from home, family and you, from his small, friendly familiar universe. But this shock will be got over depending on your attitude and the way you prepare your child for it.

It all goes back to his first day of life when you have to know that once he came into this world he will connect to it sooner or later. And the first connection is kindergarten. His personality is marked by the way he sees this and if parents fail to manage his feelings correctly the child might get traumas after his first contact with the community. `Why put him through this then? ` you might ask. Well… deciding not to would be totally against him. Socializing is a very important thing. It helps those children who think they are the hub of the universe and all they like belongs to them. They need to be brought down to reality and group activities will teach him that. He’ll soon learn how to receive and to give by what we call rules. It might sound strange but children love a tidy world and rules in a game. Discipline, which is something they don’t really like, will teach the hoe to obey these social rules. Thus parents should guide them in this area long before kindergarten time. Your schedule will help him feel safe, a feeling that will continue once he started kindergarten. Talking to him, singing together, dancing will not be new if once done at home.

The first days might be very hard. Get him there in time and don’t be late when you have to pick him up. That’s why make sure you choose a kindergarten which is closed to your home, teachers you trust and activities you are satisfied with, appropriate environment. Don’t let your missing him show on your face because he needs all your support. Talk to your child about what happened during the day and try to obey the rules together at home. The whole family should try to love kindergarten. Your child depends on this. It will affect the way he relates to people, problems and tasks later on in his life.


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