All children are unique


WOW!! How fast they grow. We are talking about children not weeds, but they seem to be sprouting up just as fast as a weed. I can remember the day both of my children were born. It seems like yesterday your sitting there holding this infant in your arms feeding them, changing their diapers and being so excited over that babies first coo. Then we wait for them to reach all of their milestones and we are so proud to brag to everyone about all of their achievements at this early stage of their lives. Now they are becoming more independent and are ready for preschool and preschool is so different from we were kids. By the young age of four our children are learning sight words and learning to write. this becomes hard for us parents to see our babies grow so fast and to learn to let go. With that said our parenting strategies will need to change as our children grow, develop,learn and mature, which will make our parenting roles change too.

By this time I am sure you have noticed that no two children are alike. I am sure you have talked to other parents and heard how wonderful their children are, or quite the opposite you probably have heard of nightmare children. That always makes us thankful for what we have. So now it is your job to figure out what type of personality your child has. Our parenting styles cannot be similar with our children having different personality’s. I have a son who I  enrolled in every Gymboree, Little Gym, My gym class. It was not until he was five that I started to understand why he did not enjoy going. He is very smart (like all parents say about their children), but if he feels he can not do something he gets very upset. We signed him up for Tae Kwon Do, and at first he did not like it, his Master continued to work with him and now he is doing wonderful. He loves to go and is earning his belts at a pretty rapid speed. So he is a child who lacks confidence. He needs reassurance that he is doing a good job. So with a little encouragement and gentle guidance your child will develop into a wonderful independent person. That child is also going to be the person more sensitive to everyone’s feelings. It is a wonderful thing.

Then there is the naturally born independent child, they don’t require as much guidance from you. We should always praise them for their good deeds, but we also want to encourage them to ask for help when they need it. Children always need positive reinforcement no matter what their personality, sometimes it is hard for us to do, but we should always make an effort.

There are many things that we can do for our children, but the most important thing is to listen to what our children are telling us, and we should watch their behavior everyday.  So in order for us to successfully adjust our parenting skills, to help our children grow and learn in a happy way, we need to use our most valuable assets, our eyes and ears. Look our tools are free, they our God given we just need to pay close attention to our kids. It is very important for us to encourage our children to be their on own individual, while still letting them know that we are available for whenever they need us. Our children may not need us at school to ensure the overall academic success, but they may need us to be more involved with their social life, if they are nervous around new people or in a new situation. In our world today I personally think kids would prefer the parent to get involved at social events to take some of the peer pressure off of them, but that is another topic for another day.

So with all of that said, as our children grow and change, so should our parenting skills. We should keep our eyes and ears open and always communicate honestly and openly with our children and we will all mature gracefully.

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