Fairy Party Sydney with Fairy Freckles and Friends


If you’re having a children’s birthday party, you can have them entertained by calling Fairy Freckles to be in attendance. She’s a mischievous fairy who loves to have fun and make children laugh and have a good time. When you call her, she will come flying in to entertain the kids. On that particular day, the birthday child will have a truly magical experience during their fairy party Sydney. There will be a fantastic magic show, enjoyable games, songs, dance, awesome balloon creations, and face painting.

The party entertainers show commitment to bringing the most exciting, professional children’s parties to your home or party venue. So everyone who has baptisms, Christenings, fetes, weddings, toddler parties or any other special occasion are invited to allow Fairy Freckles and friends to entertain the kids. Planning a children’s party is no mean feat, and you have to use your creativity to make it a roaring success. Thankfully, a helping hand is available to remove the hassle and stress and allow you to concentrate on having a great time with your children without any pressure. And everyone will be thoroughly entertained and left asking for more.

Freckles began her exciting career by offering children’s party entertainment around Melbourne. Soon word spread that she and her fun-loving friends are the number one entertainers around town. Children are highly inquisitive little people, and their parties should offer magic to leave them fascinated. Parents know that their children are very important to them and their top priority is doing everything in their power to host a party to remember. Fairy Freckles and Friends party entertainers are now available for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, or any other party you wish to host. So just sit back, relax, and let the party professionals bring cheer and laughter.

There are range of characters that you can choose from to bring the magic to your party.  Freckles is the leader, and she organises her friends in providing the day’s entertainment. A fun-loving fairy, you can find her living Somewhere Over the Rainbow but is always ready to honor an invitation to your party. Her incredible face painting skills will mesmerize the little ones as she transforms them into anything they desire. Fairy Freckles gets the most joy from transforming children into mini fairies just like her. She can also transform kids into superheroes, jungle animals, butterflies, kitties, puppies, or any other character that they fancy.

Fairy Freckles doesn’t live alone because she shares a home with the Flower Fairy who spends her day painting flowers around the world. She also enjoys taking time off work to entertain people at parties. In her magic bag are many party tricks, including making balloon flowers, face painting, and many exciting games that everyone can enjoy. And then there’s Giggles, the Clown who will make you roll on the floor laughing. Her laugh is infectious, and she is a master at creating things using balloons. Another fun character is the Rainbow Mermaid, who lives under the ocean but comes ashore every time she hears a party going on. She brings her magic tricks to entertain people at parties.

We also have Unicorn Twilight Sparkle, who’s a princess and she loves face painting and creating butterfly balloons. She has unicorn magic to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves at the party. Pirate Pete is always with her friend Pirate Pearl, and they live on a pirate ship. Together, they bring parties to life by creating balloon swords which they give out to anyone willing to join their crew of pirates.

Various party packages are available, and you are welcome to inquire about your requirements for a tailor-made party. There’s a 1-hour show that will offer a gripping magic show and games such as magical freeze and the rainbow dance. It also offers face painting, bubble blowing or ballooning. Party hosts can also choose 2-hour package, which will include an exciting magic show, face painting, birthday wish, songs and dances, puppets, bubble blowing, and ballooning. Fairy Freckles feels that it’s important to make children feel special during the party and each one will go home with a special gift. So if you’re having a party, call the fun-loving Fairy Freckles and let her take care of all your entertainment needs.

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