Yoga for Kids


We have heard a many benefits of doing Yoga. Some claims it to have a healing power for some illness in addition to the benefit of staying fit and slim. As adults we have lots of reasons why we do yoga. However, if you think yoga is intended only for adults, you should think a million times because yoga is also good for kids. If you have doubts, we are listing below various benefits that your kids can enjoy when doing yoga for kids. Yoga offers various benefits for children, their entire being, mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Benefits to a Child’s Mind

Children that do yoga will have a mind that is calm and clear, focused and attentive, sharp, and a mind with less stress and anxiety.

Yoga Benefits to a Child’s Body

The moment your child is into Yoga, his or her body will start to enjoy the benefit of neuromuscular development, vestibular system development, strong and flexible body, improved posture and alignment and improved immune system to name a few.

Yoga Benefits to a Child’s Spirit

As mentioned above, yoga can help improve your child’s self-esteem. Another benefits that yoga can do your child’s spirit includes the development of social interaction, discipline and self-control, and the ability to respect his or herself and others. Yoga also helps the kids express themselves.

Overall Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Develop patience – while most kids are impatient with things, doing Yoga will help develop their patience. When new kids are enrolled or joined the class, each pose are thought to them while old timers will patiently waiting for the newbies to get the hang of poses they already knew or already familiar with.
Improves Balance and Concentration – with yoga, balance is the key. Because mental stability is developed from taking the effort of trying the poses, balancing poses of yoga is intentionally designed to promote physical and mental poise. Parents do not lose hope if your kids have difficulty standing with one foot because in the end, he or she will learn mental and physical balance if he or she will learn to stay calm and focus.

Boosts Confidence – because learning yoga needs patience, concentration, balance and the likes, letting your kids do yoga will help boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Mastering a single yoga pose requires the child to persevere, be patience, and work on their goals of doing and eventually mastering a pose. Once they are successful with a pose, they will now have a sense of accomplishment and will feel proud of themselves, which will eventually develop their confidence to do a new pose.

Promotes physical flexibility – doing yoga is not a normal thing especially with kids because all they know is to run when playing. On the other hand with yoga, kids will learn new ways of using their muscles. Whatever pose your child is trying to do, may it require them to stand, sit or lie down, their muscles are challenged. In this way, they will become aware of their body and how it functions.

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