Are Pacifiers Good for Babies? Pros and Cons


Pacifier is a teat made of either rubber or plastic that will help your baby to suck. Most of the parents want to use the same for a number of reasons. However, most of them also question whether or not the pacifiers are good for your child. In this article, we shall understand the pros and cons of using a pacifier for your baby. Basis the same, the decision to use the pacifier or not can be take.

Pros of Using a Pacifier for Your Baby:

There are a few babies who do not like sucking in general. However, if there is a base for them to suck on, they will definitely like the experience more. This is where a pacifier shall come into the picture.

This product can be used when you are trying to distract your baby. This holds true, particularly when you have given some injection, or some type of shot to your child.

You can dispose the pacifier off after having used it for some time. This becomes important and useful as the baby have by now, developed the habit of sucking the pacifier. Going back to the thumb or finger becomes difficult for him or her. This, in turn, shall help you in getting your baby rid of the habit of sucking his or her fingers.

Pacifiers may help your baby a great deal when he or she is travelling by air. When this happens, pressure gets accumulated in the ears and that is how pain also starts. When you give a pacifier to your baby, it goes a long way in helping him or her keep sucking along the way. This, in turn, helps a great deal in getting rid of the air that must have accumulated in the ears.

Cons of Using a Pacifier for Your Baby:

When your child is born, breast feeding becomes really important. The reason for the same is multiple as this helps improve the immunity of the child. However, if you are giving a pacifier to your child, he or she will, very early on, get the habit of the pacifier and this may prove to be a disruption as far as breast feeding is concerned.

Many experts are also of the belief that the pacifiers go a long way in exposing your baby to an increased risk of infections caused in the middle ear of the child

It is also known to cause dental infections and problems to your child

Tips for using a Pacifier:

Keep the following points in mind if you want to use a pacifier for your baby:

If the baby is still being breast fed, then you want to wait for three to four months before handing over the pacifier

Use a good quality pacifier and will be safe for the dishwasher

Avoid putting any kind of sweeteners on the pacifier

If you realize that your baby is not finding it good enough for usage, you should not force it on him or her

Take adequate steps to keep the pacifier clean

Thus, keep in mind all the above points and then decide whether or not you would like to use a pacifier for your child.

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