Qualities to Look for in a Stroller


The ins and outs of stroller buying are a bit exhausting: there are so many options. It can feel overwhelming to even know where to start. Grab a notepad and some papers and your partner, and go over what’s important to both of you.

These 6 question points should help you to discover the qualities you’re looking for in a baby stroller.

How will you primarily be using the stroller?

This question and the accompanying answer will help to identify what type of stroller is appropriate for you and your family. Do you have multiple children that still require a stroller? Perhaps a double one is more appropriate. Will you be mostly jogging with your stroller? Walking on rocky dirt, unpaved terrain? Look for wheels that fit your environment, and consider compartments, size, and packability.

How often will you be carrying your stroller?

Do you live in an apartment building without an elevator? Will you be carrying your stroller up and down stairs? Will you be loading the stroller into your vehicle frequently? These questions help to identify the appropriate weight of your stroller. You’ll want to find a lightweight, compact stroller if you’re constantly lugging the stroller up and down stairs or in and out of vehicles. If you have a garage for storage and live in a downtown, walking-friendly neighborhood, perhaps size and weight aren’t as important to you.

Is the price within your budget?

You can find a stroller for every budget—from 30 dollars to well over one thousand. If you will only be using it at random times, go for the cheaper option. Pro tip: get a cheaper umbrella stroller if you’re unsure of what your needs are. When you’re using something that’s ultra-basic, you’ll be able to identify what your must-haves are.

How is the handlebar comfort?

Take the stroller for a spin and get a good feel for how it fits your body. Is the handlebar at a good height? Is it adjustable? You don’t want to be stooping to reach the handlebar, nor do you want it to be too short, where you’ll be kicking the back of the stroller as you walk. You want to find a stroller that fits your body’s height and gait so that you’ll be comfortable.

Is there a solid amount of storage space?

There’s nothing worse than pushing a stroller and being loaded down with bags. A key piece to stroller buying should be scoping out the storage space. Is there an under-seat storage area that actually fits a diaper bag, some groceries, and other necessary items? Because let’s be honest, you’re going to be bringing plenty of extra things with your new baby. It just makes sense that you need some extra storage space.

Does it have the features that you’re looking for?

Everyone has their own unique must-haves for a stroller. Some features that you may want to consider could range from safety features (5 point harness is considered the safest) to weight to storage to ease of washing the stroller’s fabric. What is the most important factor, or factors, for you? Talk to your friends who have kids themselves—those that are in the thick of parenting often have the best advice.

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